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The Importance of Continuity in Learning During COVID-19

Posted in Education on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted education for almost all children globally. With many of our Maple Bear students still learning in a virtual situation, and with dates for transitioning back to regular classes being an unknown in many countries, it has become clear that virtual learning is not a temporary solution.

Lenna Glade, our VP of Academic, shares this:

“Whether our students are learning virtually or in a regular classroom, Maple Bear will ensure that we are providing our students with an excellent curricular program. We are committed to making sure each student has a positive learning experience, whether that is online or in person.”

Maple Bear is here to support the continuation of teaching and learning for all of our students.  We believe it is important for your children to maintain their skills, no matter what the age.


The new reality of the online learning model allows our children to receive rich and stimulating experiences that encourage creativity, imagination, risk taking and self-expression.  We are able to do this through interesting online discussions, creative projects, and assignments that challenge and engage our students without overwhelming them.

In these unusual circumstances, students are realizing that they are capable and competent learners and this level of resiliency they are demonstrating will benefit them in their future.


A child’s ability to listen, speak, read, and write in a second language is only enhanced when given plenty of opportunities through conversation and instruction in that language.  In our virtual settings, we have proven that we can do this by having interactive communication with our students both in virtual group sessions and in individual, one-on-one coaching.

We want to continue the development of reading and Language Arts. Having children read to their parents and reading on a regular basis allows the ongoing, continual maintenance and development of these important skills.


At Maple Bear, we teach to the whole child.  In addition to the physical and cognitive needs of a child, we are mindful of the value of relationship and the need to belong.  Strong relationships are a fundamental premise of learning at Maple Bear.

Our teachers have done a wonderful job of retaining this relationship with their students in the virtual classroom. By connecting with students and parents regularly, it is providing our students with a strong sense of stability and belonging during these uncertain times.


For our young children to thrive in an uncertain future, they need stability and continuity now.  It’s important that they have access to a nurturing, stimulating environment where they are actively engaged in their learning, and where they can continue to build confidence through their academic efforts.

And at Maple Bear we choose to make it our purpose, whether we are teaching in the virtual world or in class with social distancing, to provide opportunities for students to develop their talents and their potential for a bright future.


A conversation between Lenna Glade, Vice-President Academic of Maple Bear Global Schools, and Shalini Jaiswal, Academic Director of Training & Teacher Education of Maple Bear South Asia on the importance of learning continuity:

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